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Wanted: Fics & Art featuring WWW products and/or Pranks

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by eomers_elf

Half-Blood Prince Features WWWs

So last week I went to see the first screening of Half-Blood Prince and I've got to say I was really pleasantly surprised. It's not my favourite book (doesn't feature nearly enough of my favourite twins), but what couple of Fred and George scenes the film did feature were damn good. The WWWs set was nothing short of fantastic, which is unsurprising as it took a year to complete.

My main gripes are as follows: not enough Fred/George, but then that was the case in the book anyway and at least the scriptwriters made more of an attempt at tackling their humour (which has been a train wreck in previous films); Harry's feelings for Ginny felt a bit rushed, though it was still sweet and Bonnie Wright proved herself an actress in her own right; not enough Fenrir or Luna - they were both simply brilliant; Tonks/Remus was a bit random, but at least it was there; NO - FREAKING - BILL. I know quite a few friends were totally gutted at that, but there is good news - he has been cast for the next film!

I was the only person sniggering when Dumbledore died. Shame on me. I think it was the slow-motion fall and the fact that I could hear Homer Simpson in my head saying "Graaaaystache! No man should outlive his fictional wizard!" (which is funnily enough exactly what my mate was thinking XD).

My overall opinion - it wasn't the best film in the series, but it certainly wasn't the worst. The humour was very good, Tom Felton did a wonderful performance and I'm downright in love with WWWs. I'll definitely be seeing it a second time around.

So, what's everyone else's thoughts on the film? Does it make you itch to see Deathly Hallows (camping part 1 & 2 XD)?

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Hello there! New person, here.

I can't really tell if the community is dead or not. Let's hope for the latter!

& NAME? Amy
& FAVOURITE WEASLEY TWIN? It's very hard to decide...but I'm pretty certain I'd pick Fred.
& LEAST FAVOURITE CHARACTER? Rita Skeeter. Ohhhh she just makes me SOOO mad! D<
& FAVOURITE HP BOOK? Order of the Phoenix. I can't help but just looove my Weasley twins haha <3
& FAVOURITE SHIP? Hmm...Ginny/Harry, I suppose. I was never really a fan of pairing people up with people they weren't in in the books.
& THOUGHTS ON DEATHLY HALLOWS? Mehhh...I just wish it weren't the end.

I've never really wanted to be an active part of a community before. But when I saw a community for Fred and George I just had to join :3 Thanks ahead of time for accepting me.
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Fic: Better This Way

I do really hope this community is still active, as... my interest certainly is.

I come bearing fic-gifts, and the hopes that I did this LJ -cut thing correctly. It's been a while. (Cookies if you recognize my avatar and why it's fun to use here! ) Fun Fact: a while ago when I was feeling particularly geeky, I actually sent this to George and Oliver Phelps, ha! I don't at all expect a reply, but thought they might like to know they're thought of.

Pairing: None overtly, but twincest if you really squint and rub something gritty in your eye.
Rating: PG-13 for some brief Strong Language, ha.
Warnings: Four-letter words pop up occasionally, nothing you haven't seen I'm sure.
Word Count: ~7000
Beta: Me, myself, and several glasses of Crystal Light.
Damages, isolation, and someone newly living-impaired who's very pleased to see George.
Disclaimer: If I owned these characters, I wouldn't have written this, as Someone wouldn't have done Something that gave us the reason for this LJ community! 



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Kirsten yellow

Good Morning Sunshines!

Name: Autumn_veela
Favourite Weasley twin: George
Least favourite character: Fenrir Greyback - just too creepy!
Favourite HP book: Goblet of Fire
Favourite Ship: Harry/Draco and Albus Severus/Scorpius - het is a bit of a deviation for me
Thoughts on Deathly Hallows: Loved it. I thought JK did exactly what needed to be done (ie. I'm not a Ginny-basher)

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Fic: Weasley Men Have Charm (Fred/Hermione, PG-13)

Title: Weasley Men Have Charm
Author: luvscharlie
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Fred Weasley/Hermione Granger
Prompt: A Marriage Proposal
Warnings: None
Word Count: 593
Summary: You cannot deny the charm of the Weasley men, unless you happen to be married to one.
Notes: Originally written for Round 2, Challenge 6 of the fwhg_ldws competition where the prompt was a marriage proposal.

AND 87. Smooth on 100quills

Weasley Men Have Charm
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Hi dear re-fredders

Hmmm! the community seems to be in a coma.
It's sad and damn my lack of free time :/
However i still hope someone is reading this comm and help me.
I need some recs for General Twin stories, it'd be best if it was twins-only fics but I'll manage with romances as long as they are not the main plot.
I hope for sam really IC twins.
Thx in advance ;)