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-:¦:- Welcome to the anti-angst Weasley twins movement - a wee spot in the HP fandom dedicated to keeping Fred alive, because let's face it you could drop a herd of wild elephants, a ten ton weight, a Monty Python foot and Dorothy's house on Fred's head and it still wouldn't be enough to bump him off. So if you have any Re-Fredding fanart, fanfiction, AMVs, essays - or just want a really good RANT, start posting!</b>
-- c_starkiller

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May 9th is our Official Re-Fredding Day! Mark it on your calender!

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Sadly even here there must be rules. Break them and I'll jinx your bits off.

1). Be civil. Critque on art, fics etc. is encouraged here but be polite and respectful. A writer is more likely to listen to your advice if you offer it in a friendly manner. If there is any flaming whatsoever I will not hesitate to ban you.

2). NC-17 and slash fanfiction is allowed here but you must place a Clear Warning in the summary. Obscene smut and stories containing adults having sex with minors are strictly prohibited.

3). Please check your grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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